About Me

We got through it (the website that is). Like I said, I’m no web developer, so I appreciate you taking the time to work through my clunky design here.

To add onto a bit more information about me, as previously stated, I’ve been in the gaming industry for 15 years now, working on console, pc, mobile, social, pinball, and slot games. While each of these disciplines offer their own unique challenges, the one thing that has been consistent through them all is to get a product done on time, looking amazing. I attribute this to a few things, like my understanding of the production process, my ability to help manage younger artists and outsourcing studios, and my ability to take a designers ideas and bring them to life. I take pride in my organizational skills, and think most Studio and Art Directors have appreciated my straight forward, “get’er done” attitude. I ask meaningful questions, and hopefully always come up with meaningful responses. This probably comes from my scientific nature of wanting to find the answer, and my competitive self, wanting to be successful. I’ve worked in blueberry fields since I was 8 years old, up through the restaurant industry in my teens/twenties, and into the game industry as soon as college was done. It wasn’t easy to get here, but I’ve just begun to get started.

I could go on for days about myself and all the amazing things I’ve done (kidding), but I’d rather tell you in person. So now is the time to reach out, take a gamble and see what can be done. Reach out to me and I’ll send you anything else you need, or answer any questions I can that havent been answered.

Jason Zielinski