Art Management

What exactly goes into managing art? The overall process is multifaceted, and differs based on internal and outsourcing efforts. Time and personnel management, budget, and art quality all come into play in turning assets around in a timely, high quality matter. Leadership and extensive knowledge is crucial in getting assets the art director is looking for, and I take a very managerial process to ensure things run smoothly. Aside from scheduling, art direction, daily feedback and even technique are all shared to create a consistent, seemless integration of getting the best products for our slots, using an agile methodology.

Because showcasing the extensive procedure would take many pages and documents, I’ve highlighted a few different ideas I use in my process for both creating assets, and working with artists and teams to do the same. If you would like more specific examples, feel free to reach me.

Effective Outsourcing

Communicating with artists to get the best results is like an art form all itself, and nowhere is this more consistent than in outsourcing. Vetting outsource studios is the first step to find the right talent, but after that comes the biggest challenge, which is getting the products you want. With a straightforward approach, upfront expectations, and daily communication and feedback, I continually find great successes and relationships with the studios I work with. My outsourcing ‘career’ began in 2006 at Midway, and is something I still thoroughly enjoy as much as creating art. full size>>>

Style Guides

Whenever starting a new game, I create a style guide to get the thumbs up from the art director, and create a cohesive set of visual rules to follow when creating assets. This helps define the look of the game with minimal turnaround for revisions. When outsourcing, the style guide is essential for getting a bid and getting a great product on time. full size>>>


Painting source assets is an art form, from taking an old image or film like “The Wizard of Oz”, to getting hi-definition source images and making them what is needed for the product. I spend a lot of time and meticulous feedback to ensure when working with internal or outsourcing staff, products come in looking great and fitting of the style. full size>>>

Looking for more?

I have so much work its impossible to post it all, so please fee free to reach me if you are looking for anything specific. full size>>>